Do you have a Citrix ADC (ex-NetScaler) in your environment? Is it properly set and secure? Could it be used for something else than its present role?

Comping is the best and most experienced Citrix ADC expert in the Nordics. We've created Citrix ADC LineCheck service for getting the most out of our customers ADC environments. We think that our customers should be able to get the most out of their appliance and license purchases. If you're doubtful that this has been done to your environment, don't hesitate to contact us.


ADC environment walkthrough

In this phase we walkthrough the most common features and their current configuration. We concentrate on the high availability and optimization of the environment.

ADC also has an important role in your environments security, and we'll pay extra attention to it too. The services the appliances publish need to be protected and you should be confident about it.

We'll also check your change management process and give you the best practices on how to do changes in your environment.

Last but not least, we will also have a look at your Disaster Recovery process (backup, plan & testing) and assist you in creating one if you need.


We will walk you through the things we've found during the assessment and agree on the possible next steps. As a part of this service we will also draft you a high level document of your environment (including a network topology picture).

Finally we'll have a dialog of your future needs and mirror them to Citrix ADC features. It's also possible to show you our lab environment setup, so you'll have a better idea what's possible with the product.