Through the use of proven methodologies, tools and best practices, Comping helps ensure the successful implementation of Citrix technologies. While adhering to our methodology, Comping tailors its solutions and project approach to fit the needs of our clients. By leveraging our real-world experience, Comping plays an integral role in each of the project phases.


During the define phase Comping reviews your current environment and gathers detailed requirements for the project. This information allows us to provide high-level recommendations and set direction for your proposed Citrix deployment, upgrade or expansion. Common services conducted during the define phase include the Application Virtualization Assessment, Proof of Concept and Verified Design Environment.


The design phase defines the Application Delivery architecture and operational processes required to maintain the production environment and attain predefined project requirements. In addition, it is a road map and implementation strategy that can be used by Citrix Solution Advisors or your IT teams to deploy the proposed solution successfully. The Design phase includes designs targeting assessments, architecture, implementation, deployment, processes and support.



During the Build/Test phase, Comping creates, configures and customizes the Application Delivery Infrastructure as described in the Design phase. Following the environment build, all solutions are thoroughly unit and regression tested. Once initial tests are completed, an entire system test is performed.


The Rollout phase is the final step in the methodology. A pilot is typically performed to ensure that all requirements are addressed in the deployment. In addition, the pilot helps determine scalability thresholds for the production environment. Key success criteria are identified for the pilot and are tested by a subset of end users. Once the pilot is complete, Comping assists with rolling out the solution to production. Rollout includes technical assistance, deployment work plans, end user and IT staff training, initial production support and ownership transition to the customer.


The documentation is one of the key point for good and proper production implementation. Comping will walk thru the project with detailed documentation. Customer organization will have at the end of project detailed documentation which help them to maintain the new production environment.