We're prepared to fix the most difficult problems in Citrix environments. Our band members have been called in several times to help in a situation where the rock'n'roll has stopped.

These situations are often escalated quickly and need a rapid response and therefore we've concepted a service which takes a quick, analytic and professional approach to address the issue. With Open Mic we will prioritize our work so that we can provide help as quickly as possible. We will make sure that our band member has the time to dig in to the issue as long as the situation is normalized and made sure it won't happen again.

Open Mic approach

Preliminary study

Before the actual study our band member will become familiar with the problem description and possible technical documentation.

Environment walkthough

The troubleshooting will be performed following our Comping Melody methodology. We also have the possibility to escalate the issue on a fast lane to the Citrix technical support.

On-site day

The actual service starts with an on-site meeting. In this meeting we will hear all the necessary technical parties as well as the end users (if needed). We will also make sure we've understood the issue completely.

End report

All the operations done during the day will be documented according to the Comping documentation standards. The end report will also include recommendations for next steps and a suggestion for a follow up meeting.

Follow up meeting

This meeting will be held remotely by default and will take care that the agreed actions will be performed in a timely manner.

Extra day(s)

If necessary, extra day(s) can be added to the contract if needed.