Our SoundCheck service concentrates on checking the customer's Citrix infrastructure.

Combining several, sometimes complex, technical solutions to one another could lead to unexpected problems. This happens especially if the solution is not designed and built to meet the business needs. According to our experience not all the benefits and possibilities of the Citrix technologies are used since the original plan or solution is either out-dated or inadequate.

Comping SoundCheck is an all-inclusive health check service offering that helps our customers to identify problem sources and how to remediate them. SoundCheck service is based on our bands extensive experience on Citrix based solutions and different phases of the projects (assessments, design and build).

What is included in SoundCheck?

The customer's IT infrastructure will be assessed as an entity for the related parts to understand the business impacts of the system and how it is used. The Citrix environment SoundCheck is performed to will split in to sub-components that will be scored separately. Information about the different sub-components will be gathered in interactive meetings.

Our consultants will systematically go through the Citrix environment following our best practices and using tools. If there's a known issue, emphasis on it can be concentrated and even get it sorted out during the assessment phase.

The final report will gather all the findings to one document and analyze how they're connected. After our internal QA a business driven, detailed report will be handed out to the customer.

  • 21 SoundChecks delivered (2020-03-30)