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Our consultants are always ready to help!

By using tried and tested methods, models and best practices, we ensure excellent results.

Our innovative Melody project model enables us to customize solutions to perfectly suit your needs. Our long experience in designing and implementing solutions guarantees that our project model and expertise are fully put to use in every project.


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Experience and know-how

First-class product expertise and an expert command of best practices are at the heart of our success. With a combined experience of more than 100 years in a wide variety of projects and environments.

As proof of our formidable expertise, we have the most prestigious certifications in the field. For several years, we have been chosen as the most skillful and best collaborator by our partners.

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A serving partner

We help you do your work as easily as possible. What we offer is the best consultancy as a service (CaaS) on the market.

We make your business better and more efficient, as we collect concepts from across the ICT world to help you make all the pieces fall into place. We don’t focus on our own products – our sights are firmly fixed on your needs and your business.

Are you an IT decision-maker?

Are these problems familiar to you?

The problem
The current virtualization environment does not work as we want it to in all respects
Our solution

Our commercialized health check service Comping Soundcheck, where we go through your environment in light of the best practices in the industry. This results in report that clearly shows you where your operations are lagging behind, and what can be done about it.

We also provide consultancy services for carrying out the necessary corrective actions.

The problem
Enabling working (including remote work) to a high standard of data security
Our solution

Our combined experience of more than a century guarantees that we can design and create that state-of-the-art access control and virtualization solutions you need.

We have extensive experience with various strong identification and federated identity solutions.

The problem
A confusing end-user experience
Our solution

Single sign-on (SSO) for applications is where it’s at, and we know this technology inside out.

A centralized identity guarantees the best user experience with a single ID.

The problem
Overly permissive access
Our solution

A VPN is not necessarily the best solution. With the help of our consulting, you can get a better grasp of what’s needed and implement it cost-effectively.

It’s not a good idea to lay the entire network open with a single VPN login – only provide the level of access that’s needed at any given time.

The problem
Access control for subcontractors and partners
Our solution

We have designed and built more data-secure partner portals than any other company in Finland.

The problem
Ensuring continuity
Our solution

Check out Continuous services.

Our customers

Our consultancy services are trusted by many organizations, including:


With a combined experience of more than 100 years in virtualization technologies and access control, we keep our promises.

A certified partner

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